dress revamp

I really have to make a revamp to my dressing. Now, i usually wear comfortable clothes, modern kurung, or baju kurung, and mostly what my husband prefer. All fabric, and fashion are up to agreement between us. I am happy to wear what my husband wants me to wear. I have got no problem about that. Until last week.

I attended a posh weeding recently. My lil girl was a bit too active and I have to carry her around to avoid her form jumping into the pool. Some people did talk to me a bit.. until i realize.. they all ask the same thing ' Ehh.. anak sapa ni...' touching LO's pipi.... until the 4th person asked the same thing, I startled. I said to myself, 'Kalau saya dukung, mestilah anak saya.. kenapa semua nk tanya nak sapa?'

Then I get it.. maybe they think I'm the bibik!!!! Then I looked around - yess..indeed.. every one is so well dress up, posh dresses, jewelery, make ups, dinner cluthes, new hairdo, canggih tudungs...and name it all in the menu. No wonder every ones asking me the same thing.

I really have to have good dresses for occasion like this. Appropriate beg - ot the one which is sooo big, with all my babies stuff in it. A lil make up maybe, and maybe Ariani tudung with the swarozki thing...

Or was it just me??? Being silly. errr was it time of the month already????

compare compare

how would you like yourself to be compared to other people???? you wouldnt like it rite???
errr.. well, some does, some doesnt..

compare yang camana?? hmm let seee.. if someone compares you to be better, e.g: "wah.. bekerja dengan puan lebih mudah bekerja dari encik yang satu lagi itu.." Kalau yang macam ni.. i am sure no one would mind.. suka lagi ada la kot.. or.."Kuih u buat ni, lagi sedap dari yang beli kat Giant tu..." macam ni pun ok la jugak.. sedap di dengar.

if its like this : "Awak dengan kawan kawan awak semua sama je, suka sangat shopping lama-lama" This comparison is not that bad either, macam biasa-biasa aja. "Dulu your skin macam putih, tapi sekarang saya tengok gelap sikit" hmm this one, tak de la sakit hati sangat, tapi sure will make you beli produk cosmetic baru to improve yourself.

but there are certain 'comparing situation' that I think most people dont like, e.g: "You are a bit shorter than my sons previous girlfriend" Ouch.. that might feel like a bit of needle poking you rite???? And like this; "Husband awak tu tak macam husband adik awak, husband adik rajin, suka tolong-tolong. Gaji dia pun tinggi jugak, 5 angka satu bulan". Wahhhh.. yang macam sounds like sudah lebih .. eh??

i have also been a situation that make me really down, and feel bad, and feel sad, and feel mad. To who?? to myself, to the situation, to my kids, and I dont know to who else??? what happened was that my kid has beeing compared to another kid, by a relative. That really gets me. I know my kid is not 100% marvelous.. but every kid is different rite?? I think everybody knows that.. mana-mana pun semua orang selalu cakap - semua budak tak sama.

The comparison are such as these: " xxxxx ni asyik nangis je.... yyyyy dulu tak macam ni pun" and " Tak diam sungguh xxxxx ni, yyyyy baik je masa age macam ni" and... hmm tak pe la.. I dont have to say more.. It really tense me.. compare la sesapa saja, saya, suami saya.. saya tak kisah.. but when it comes to anak saya.. saya sangat la tension..

Nasib baik boleh lepas kan perasaan kat sini..

What's your story????