dress revamp

I really have to make a revamp to my dressing. Now, i usually wear comfortable clothes, modern kurung, or baju kurung, and mostly what my husband prefer. All fabric, and fashion are up to agreement between us. I am happy to wear what my husband wants me to wear. I have got no problem about that. Until last week.

I attended a posh weeding recently. My lil girl was a bit too active and I have to carry her around to avoid her form jumping into the pool. Some people did talk to me a bit.. until i realize.. they all ask the same thing ' Ehh.. anak sapa ni...' touching LO's pipi.... until the 4th person asked the same thing, I startled. I said to myself, 'Kalau saya dukung, mestilah anak saya.. kenapa semua nk tanya nak sapa?'

Then I get it.. maybe they think I'm the bibik!!!! Then I looked around - yess..indeed.. every one is so well dress up, posh dresses, jewelery, make ups, dinner cluthes, new hairdo, canggih tudungs...and name it all in the menu. No wonder every ones asking me the same thing.

I really have to have good dresses for occasion like this. Appropriate beg - ot the one which is sooo big, with all my babies stuff in it. A lil make up maybe, and maybe Ariani tudung with the swarozki thing...

Or was it just me??? Being silly. errr was it time of the month already????


Asmahani said...

hmmm... it's not the brand, it's how we present ourselves. Saya pun kadang2 ada rasa macam ni jugak..

Hanz said...

yup..agreed..it;s not the brand..actually we woman are lucky coz we can mix-match cheap & expensive to look good as a whole..go less than over-dressed..simple jewellery, good brand shoes or handbag or watch can camouflage simple attire be it baju kurung..